OpenAnswer was my first open source project to work on so it was an exciting new idea to design around. I started with the logo, which was an intentional take on the brand of the company I was working for, VoiceNation. I utilized the same color palette and fonts to keep it very tight with the parent brand. The concept of the asterisk is a nod to the ubiquitous telephony open source software Asterisk, which is part of the core of this product.

To create some fun around the concept, I came up with the rocket idea to help make the brand memorable. I utilized that space premise throughout the home page and carried it through to the trade show booth and swag we had printed up. The website was designed as a custom Drupal theme using a responsive design as well as parallax scrolling and CSS3 transitions/effects. The site was built around the idea of creating a community around the project to embrace the open source nature of the software.
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