AllOnBiz is a unique geo-empowered digital coupon app built to save users money on a hyperlocal scale while also empowering businesses with a highly-incentivized way to reach more customers literally where they are. Having worked with CEO Delvis Dutton in the initial brand development process, I helped him take his v1 app to a much cleaner, more user-friendly experience where initial signups and return engagements are seeing rapid growth.

Through extensive competitor market research and prototyping, we ended up with a fun and more streamlined onboard process. We solved several issues with brand consistency, UI clutter and overall incongruence in the user journey. 

Results: The updated v2 AllOnBiz app is now seeing increased user registrations across the board and a rapid increase in business advertising sales. The app is now rapidly seeing expanding markets in several states outside of it's native Georgia base.

Skills: Mobile Design, Mobile UX, Creative Direction, Rapid Prototyping, Design System Development and Implementation, Brand Alignment
Demo of Onboarding and App Functionality
Redesigned Screens
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